Laser Hair Removal

And Its Own Effect On Tattoos - Top Urban myths for Laser Hair Removal After being asked this question numerous times by family, and buddies I sought to search out the response. I asked a couple of laser hair technicians, and tattoo artist equally but none seemed to have the response. Should you be a tech, or tattoo artist I'd suggest educating your self on the effects of laser hair removal.

After extensive research, I've found many cases of individuals that have had laser hair removal preformed. Most cases were due to means of a slip up of the technicians preforming the laser hair removal "slipping", or being careless. The results were generally the sam-e, a puss filled blister covering the area that had been crossed by the laser. In some cases, illness was almost immediate, and had to be medicated in the emergency room?

They've reported, that following the distressing blister had healed, the tattoo was either significantly faded or disfigured. There are many issues that can arise from this, disease being the primary problem. Additionally, it may cause significant scarring.

If you are still considering getting laser hair removal around your tattoo, protecting your self with knowledge could be the crucial. See the fine print in any contract you are requested to sign, if i-t includes anything to the essence of "not responsible for damaged tattoos" I would then search for another business. If laser hair removal goes wrong, i-t can not only damage your tattoo but set you back time, and possible thousands of dollars to fix.

Therefore, my only suggestion would to seek laser hair removal prior to having your tattoos. In case you do, indeed wind up with scarring from your treatment you will need to check with your artist.

Though, there is certainly one choice that you really have. Electrolysis could be the only proven hair removal system that can not hold an adverse effect on your tattoo even though it may be expensive, and dull.

MYTH no 1: It is SUPER distressing. Busted: Lasers have come a long way since their first innovation and approval by the Food And Drug Administration. It really is a whole lot less painful than i-t was previously. Certain areas will be much more painful than others. Some areas will have almost no pain. As well as the truly amazing news is a lot less pain than continuously waxing!

MYTH no 3 All Lasers are the sam-e. Broke: No they aren't. Lasers are very different. The kind of laser used and settings available can have a huge affect to the comfort degree of the treatment as well as to the total effectiveness.

MYTH #4: : Laser Hair Removal works on white, grey and blond hairs. Broken: The laser is attracted to the shade in the hair, therefore it is perhaps not attracted to these hair types. There are many different grades of these colors, so call us or can be found in for a free consult if it will work for you to find out.

MYTH #5: Expensive Lotions Can Darken the Hair in the Root Level. Busted: NOT THE CASE. So the laser is interested in i-t you can't change the root shade of your own hair.

MYTH #6: Intense Pulse Light/ Diode works nicely and is great to utilize on all skin types. Busted: Not True. Intense Pulse Light (IPL) is simply good for light skin types.

MYTH #7: One Treatment Does the Occupation Broke: Obviously not. Your hair grows in lots of stages. The amount of treatments will vary depending on many variables, but one treatment is not enough.

MYTH #8: You Need Treatments Every Six or eight Weeks Busted: This is simply not True. Every four weeks you'll need Laser Hair Removal.

Preferably perhaps not at all and in case you do, use an electric razor.

MYTH #10: There was Messy Gel Every where. When doing Intense Pulse Light Treatments they used to use i-t, but this hair removal technique is not done using lasers and is less effective.

My Hair won't ever grow again! Busted: It may begin to grow again. Contingent upon your age, you may continue to have the hair development cycle start over again. For some individuals they'll have to repeat the laser hair removal process down the road in life.

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